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To Prevent Uncontrolled Cell Growth

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Compositions Guduchi Satva, Vai Vidang, Kanchnaar, Amalki, Vibhitka, Haritki, Shunthi, Marich, Pippal and Tulsi.
Properties Prevents Cell Growth Disorders (like Cancer, Fibroid, Tumour, Obesity etc.), Removes Toxins from the body, Improves Immunity.
Dosage Adult: One Capsule daily as preventive or as directed by physician.
Precautions Store in a cool dark place. Protect from direct sunlight.

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A Preventive Ayurvedic Medicine Proxis-Plus is very effective in the prevention of Cell Growth Disorders (like Cancer, Fibroid, Tumour, Obesity etc.). Proxis-Plus in combination with Immu-Plus is like nectar (Amrit) for people who have been diagnosed with a disease like cancer. The uncontrolled multiplication of cells certainly stops within one to three months and also the metastasis or secondary. Cell Growth Disorder like Cancer prevention is defined as an active measure to decrease the incidence of cancer.

Greater than 30% of cancer is preventable via avoiding risk factors including tobacco, overweight or obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, alcohol, sexually transmitted infection, air pollution. This can be accomplished by avoiding carcinogens or altering their metabolism, pursuing a lifestyle or diet that modifies cancer-causing factors and/or by medical intervention. The epidemiological concept of "prevention" is usually defined as either primary prevention, for people who have not been diagnosed with a particular disease, or secondary prevention, aimed at reducing recurrence or complications of a previously diagnosed illness.

For people diagnosed with Cell Growth Disorders like cancer:
Two capsules of Proxis-Plus with Two capsules of Immu-Plus two times daily.


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To Prevent Uncontrolled Cell Growth